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Nous recrutons!

Opportunités actuelles

Nous embauchons un collecteur de fonds (grant writing), à temps partiel

Soul Food is looking for a creative and proven fundraiser and grant writer able to continue current efforts to raise funds for the organization’s initiatives. This person should also be  able to develop and begin implementing a new fundraising strategy.

Deadline: Monday, November 9, 2020, 17h00 (Paris time)

About the role

We are looking for a creative, ambitious and proven fundraiser and grant writer to further develop Soul Food’s grant writing process and fundraising strategy, so that we can ensure our ability to continue to help young migrants in Paris and expand our reach. The successful candidate will need to:

  • Rapidly acquire an understanding of Soul Food, our mission, values, the basics regarding the situation young migrants face in Paris, and our current fundraising strategy

  • Build on our existing grant writing accomplishments and goals, and expand these by 
    regularly submitting new grant applications

  • Set figures for growth and be responsible for reaching them


Primary responsibilities

Part of the role will involve fundraising. The tasks related to this include:

  • Work closely with Soul Food’s two co-founders to create realistic fundraising goals, generate income in line with our values and ensure that the income generated comes from ethical sources

  • Plan, coordinate and execute at least two fundraising campaigns (one minor campaign during the holidays and one major campaign in mid-February for the organization’s 3rd anniversary event

  • Create and implement a novel fundraising strategy, ensuring significant and sustained income growth, through a combination of donations and other non-governmental funds

  • Approach major donors and attract corporate sponsors

  • Work with volunteers to reinforce fundraising initiatives and ensure a maximum amount of productivity and efficiency

  • Secure event sponsors for the anniversary event

  • Provide logistical support before, during and after the anniversary event

  • Help create a backup virtual fundraising plan in case the pandemic prevents in-person events (or if it’s not possible to fundraise enough in person due to outside factors such as social distancing requirements)

  • Create a comprehensive database with current and potential donors and sponsors


Part of the role will involve grant writing. The tasks related to this include:

  • Become familiar with Soul Food’s current grant database and past grant applications

  • Conduct grant research, add to and maintain Soul Food’s grant database

  • Apply for at least one grant per month

  • Work with volunteers to reinforce grant-writing initiatives and ensure a maximum amount of productivity and efficiency

  • Read over grant applications that other members of the Soul Food team are working on before they are submitted

  • At the start of the contract, the successful candidate will be required to join us on 1- 3 cultural excursions, to meet some of our young members and partners, and to really get a good feel for the organization.


Candidate requirements


  • Demonstrated ethics in line with Soul Food’s mission and values

  • Strategic, innovative and results-driven professional

  • Fruitful professional fundraising and successful grant-writing experience (number of years, amount earned for other organizations and other qualifications will all be taken into consideration so there is not a minimum number of years required)

  • Strong grant-writing skills

  • Exceptional track record of achievement in setting and meeting ambitious income objectives

  • Bilingual (written and spoken English and French

  • Confident and inspiring communicator with the ability to quickly develop a strong portfolio of contacts

  • A desire to contribute to a small non-profit organization with a lot of ambition and potential to grow

  • Ability to work both on a team and independently



  • Knowledge and understanding of the migration, children’s rights and culture sectors

  • Experience using social media and digital communication tools for fundraising purposes

  • Experience working with vulnerable people, especially young people and migrants

  • Other language abilities, in particular Spanish, Italian and Arabic

  • Extensive, diverse writing experience

  • Great interpersonal skills

  • A general interest in helping others, art and culture


Part-time on a freelance basis for three months initially (30 hours a month), with the potential for contract renewal with proven success

Based in Paris (preferable) or in Europe, with the ability to travel to Paris at least twice to attend 1- 3 cultural excursions at the start of the contract and to help just before, during, and right after Soul Food’s anniversary event (mid-February, 2021)
*We will consider applicants based outside of Europe, but issues related to time differences will be taken into consideration, as will potential travel constraints.


Between 20- 25 euros an hour based on experience

Partial to full transportation reimbursement possible.
Depending on how the pandemic situation evolves (and where the successful candidate is based), if we are still able to go on regular in-person excursions, there will be opportunities to attend special cultural events, such as gastronomic meals, concerts and dance performances.

How to apply
Please send your CV and a cover letter (both in English) to with
the subject: Part-Time Fundraiser and Grant Writer/Your Name


Monday, November 9, 2020, 17h00 (Paris time)

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