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In just two years, we've introduced 80 young migrants to 78 cultural experiences (& counting!) in their new home.  These have been organized principally by our two co-founders, with a bit of help from volunteers.  Some of this has been self funded, but donations have helped us exponentially increase the impact of our programs and will continue to help us expand our reach, so we can provide even more opportunities to vulnerable migrant youth.

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Help Us Create a Cultural Experience

The cultural experiences we provide are made possible thanks to the amazing artists, musicians, chefs, dancers, filmmakers and more who are willing to share their craft with our youth. If you are interested in teaching a free class, providing tickets to an upcoming event or planning an activity together, please contact us!  


How to Donate

If you prefer to make a one-time donation directly on our site, click the button below. Donations processed by PayPal.

We've added a new donation option! We now work with HelloAsso, a platform that works with many non-profits in France. HelloAsso does not take a fee from donations. Instead, donors can choose how much they want to contribute to HelloAsso for their services. This is especially great for donations over $100 because other platforms like PayPal, charge a rather high fee. Through HelloAsso, it is also possible to set up automatic monthly recurring donations.

Click the button below to donate
 through our HelloAsso page

HelloAsso is a French platform for non-profits, but people can donate from anywhere in the world. Even though their website is available in English, their automated emails are in French. They have been very helpful and responsive (they do have members on their team who speak English!) so please feel free to reach out to us, or them directly if you have any questions..

Click the button below to donate through our HelloAsso page.

If you prefer to make a one-time donation directly on our site, please use one of the options below.  Donations made on our site are processed by PayPal.