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Paris, France

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Soul Food is a not-for-profit organization founded in February 2018 by two professionals, Kryssandra and François, with combined professional experience in law, music, art, psychology, international relations, migration, and children's rights, as well as a passion for art, culture, and helping people in general.


After several years of volunteering with unaccompanied minors in Paris, our co-founders recognized a unique opportunity to help young migrants learn, feel more at home in their new home country, and have some fun.  A large number of migrant youth are not in school all day as they should be because, even though in France all minors, regardless of immigration status, have the right to go to school, the age recognition process is quite long and they are forced to wait for the French administration to recognize their minority status (under 18) before attending school. 


Even after a minor's age has been confirmed, they are often forced to wait even longer before they are allowed to register for school.  During this time, (sometimes months, and even years) they are also not able to participate in activities like local youth do. We provide opportunities for youth to access artistic and cultural activities, such as museum visits, dance ateliers, studio sessions, meals at the Refettorio Paris, concerts, language activities, and film screenings.  We create opportunities for cultural exchanges between migrant youth and local French teenagers as well, by inviting them and accompanying them to cultural events.

We also identify special interests in the culinary, fashion, arts and other cultural fields.  Then we connect interested migrant youth with quality, meaningful professional opportunities, such as internships, in an effort to help them find long-term solutions to the problems they face


To expose migrant youth to cultural events and artistic environments, such as concerts, artist meet-and-greets, and museum visits, in an effort to provide intellectual and cultural stimulation, facilitate positive integration experiences and encourage novel levels of autonomy in their new  home country.


We work towards these goals with the hope that with each new cultural experience, migrant youth  will not only make new friends and forget about their problems, but also feel like a part of French culture and life, instead of like someone who is watching from the outside.


Instead of attempting to force young migrants to forget their past and country of origin, we encourage them to discover French and European culture, and find their own level of balance between these. We show them that culture is not mutually exclusive. We do this partly by embarking on cultural excursions with fellow migrants, and sometimes French youth, creating safe spaces for open dialogue and opportunities to meet locals, and experience art, music and food as locals do.


Through our work, we promote sustainable and positive integration within immigrant communities in France. We envision a France with museums, restaurants, theaters, and concert halls full of people from all over the world; not only tourists, but migrants and locals too.


We also envision a world where migrants have this type of positive visibility, and not one where we only see them sleeping in tents in crowded cities and refugee camps.


We aim to help provide access to museums, theaters and other cultural places to migrants from all over the world. We also aim to fill in the excessive time gaps left by the French administration system, when migrant youth are not permitted to attend school, with intellectual and cultural stimulation through our excursions and activities. We hope the accumulation of all of these activities and opportunities will improve the quality of life of these young migrants, now and in the future.

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