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Hear a special birthday message directly from our founders & some of our young members!

Kryssandra's Welcome Message Soul Food Co-Founder
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Kajula's Welcome MessageSoul Food Founders, Kryssandra and François
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Welcome to Soul Food's 3rd birthday celebration!

We are excited to celebrate Soul Food's 3rd birthday with you! Even though we can't organize an in-person cultural festival this year, we've created a virtual one. Have a look around! You'll find information about our initiatives, which use art and culture to help young migrants and refugees, as well as ways to support our work. You'll also find a video and photos from last year's birthday celebration, which brought together volunteers, young Soul Food members, artists, and others from the community.


It wouldn't be a Soul Food event without sharing cultural entertainment, so be sure to check out the online cinema portion of the festival too and join us in celebrating #SoulFoodTogether!

Ways to Celebrate with us

 Visit our virtual festival booths to learn more about Soul Food and engage with us in different ways! Sign our birthday card and check out our second annual report! You can support us by contributing to our birthday festival fundraisers: purchasing tickets to our art raffle and online cinema. #SoulFoodTogether

sign our virtual birthday card!
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Birthday Cad
Last Year's Video

Soul Food's 2nd Birthday - Last Year's Celebration

We used the occasion of Soul Food's 2nd anniversary to create a mini-festival that showcased our programs and the wonderful abilities of our young members, who were actively involved in the planning and execution of the event. Youth in our Professional Development Program helped prepare the food and bread. One created the main dish and worked closely with our partners from L'Ami Jean and the Refettorio, using surplus ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown out. Part of the food prepared was also served to the Refettorio's guests, who are vulnerable members of the community. Everyone involved, from the young members who facilitated the drawing workshop, to the event's MC, generously donated their time, skills, art, resources, and energy to help make the event a success. All proceeds went towards Soul Food's programs and initiatives that support young migrants and refugees through cultural programs, educational initiatives and professional development.

Birthday Festival Fundraisers

Thank you so much to our partners, filmmakers, and artists who contributed their craft to help us fundraise!

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Click to learn more about our online cinema and to buy your ticket!


Click to learn more about our art raffle and buy your ticket!

Art Raffle
Photo Gallery

 Virtual Photo Wall

These photos were taken by @shotbymoki at last year's birthday celebration! The mini-festival included concerts, a silent auction, a screening of a performance by members of Soul Food Dance Project, a drawing workshop, food, drinks, and more. It was a special occasion to celebrate Soul Food, showcase the many talents of our young members, raise funds for our programs, and bring a diverse group of people together to enjoy a shared cultural experience. It was what we hope will be the first of many Soul Food Festivals!


Our 2nd Annual Report

You, as Soul Food Festival attendees, are the first to see our 2nd annual report! Check it out to learn what we've been up to, how we've been coping since the start of the pandemic and what some of our activity highlights were last year! Transparency is important to us, so we've also detailed our financial information and showed how the funds we receive are used to support young migrants and refugees, and to ensure their access to our free cultural, educational and professional development programs.

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Click button 

 to download

Annual Report
This cultural festival would not have been possible without the generosity of our partners
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Thank you!

Thank you for joining us for this online cultural festival and celebration of Soul Food! We hope it brings you joy, cultural stimulation and a sense of togetherness.

Follow us (@soulfoodparis) on social media to see more!



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