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Rooted in Soul Food activities, this new edition of greeting cards all have risograph images inspired by our cultural excursions on the front. Two are photos taken by @krysssssandra during cultural excursions. The other two are drawings by @fanchlouarn of photos taken by @krysssssandra during cultural excursions. All are blank inside, so they can be used for any occasion. There is a bilingual message from us on the back, plus information about the artists who created them. Each pack of four comes with four envelopes.


The technique used: According to the printing studio, Maison Riso, "Risography is close to mechanized screen printing. A risograph is a type of duplicator: a machine based on the technique of reproduction by stencil, allowing for prints with a very graphic rendering, in large quantities. The shape of the current risograph emerged in the 1980s, but the principle dates back to the mimeograph. Its name comes from RISO Kagaku Corporation, a Japanese firm named after its inventor." These greeting cards were printed at Atelier Nanoh.


RISO duplicating ink is soy based. The pigments used for your risography is a fragile emulsion which can "drool" if rubbed.

Drop 3 Greeting Cards (Pack of 4)

  • Orders take approximately 1 week to ship.


    Flat shipping rates: €5.00 (France), €7.50 (international)

  • As a small nonprofit we are, unfortunately, unable to accept returns. Ethics and quality are central to everything we do, and we check every piece before it is shipped to ensure quality. Thanks for your understanding!

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