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Rooted in Soul Food activities, all have risograph images inspired by our cultural excursions on the front. Two are photos taken by one of our co-founders during cultural excursions, one is a drawing by one of our co-founders of a photo taken by our other co-founder during a cultural excursion, and the fourth is a collage by Marin Zhadok of drawings done by young Soul Food members during cultural excursions. All are blank inside, so that they can be used for any occasion. There is a bilingual message from us on the back, plus information about the artists who created them. Each pack of four comes with four envelopes.


The technique used: According to the printing studio, Maison Riso, "Risography is close to mechanized screen printing. A risograph is a type of duplicator: a machine based on the technique of reproduction by stencil, allowing for prints with a very graphic rendering, in large quantities. The shape of the current risograph emerged in the 1980s, but the principle dates back to the mimeograph. Its name comes from RISO Kagaku Corporation, a Japanese firm named after its inventor."


RISO duplicating ink is soy based. The fluorescent pigments used for your risography is a fragile emulsion which can "drool" if rubbed.


The paper is made from 100% recycled paper pulp.


The inks are made from soybean vegetable oil or rice waste, they are of recycled origin, recyclable, do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.V.), and their manufacture does not waste raw materials.

Drop 2 Greeting Cards (Pack of 4)

  • Les commandes prennent environ 1 semaine pour être expédiées.

    Tarifs forfaitaires : 5,00 € (France), 7,50 € (international)

  • En tant que petite organisation à but non lucratif, nous ne sommes malheureusement pas en mesure d'accepter les retours. L'éthique et la qualité sont au cœur de tout ce que nous produisons. Nous vérifions chaque pièce avant qu'elle ne soit expédiée pour garantir sa qualité.

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